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Our Friend, Hope. Chapter 1: The Saga of the Open Sea

by Bear Crossing

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The sun is falling from the sky. I swear, I know how this world will surely end. It will end so cold. The Blue Moon, she spoke to me she said, "You will, go beyond what human eyes have ever seen..." You will doom or save us all. One day, you'll choose. Our fate lies in-between love and revenge. Are you ready, tonight? Oh… Tonight, are you ready?
Bones 04:00
I don't know… I should feel it in my bones. How this will end? It will end with everyone stuck on a pike, roasting for some island hobo-canibals! Quickly - run for the shore! I don't know when they'll be back and we don't need to stay here anymore. Cuz if we do we'll just end up being food to fill their empty bellies. Sorry, you're taking too long. Maybe if you lost some weight, you could run a little faster... Never mind, it's better you than me. A ship needs its Captain, we can manage this with out the cook. Captain's Log 2012- I can see our ship it is slowly drifting off Into the sea and if we don't make it before they take our hides… We may never make it home. We will all be cowards if we let them take our ship from us. The Lady of the Sea would never let us sleep, if they take our ship from us. Now we will be heroes now that they can never take our ship from us! We will all be heroes!
All has been well, ever since I left my life at home. The salt in the air and the open sea are good for me. I've made good friends and we've told tall tales. We'll have a drink or two or maybe three or four or more. Won't you join us? We can sit and talk the world. Never mind that,let us have a good time tonight. All my good friends, know what to do & are gonna make it through.
Run! 05:54
It was dark, when I saw, the red eyes that I thought I had left behind. (Well) I swear, if I could, I would never let them get the better of me again. It was fear, that let it get the first strike, and now im bleeding, bleeding, bleeding, bleeding, bleeding on the floor... Nevermind, let us fight - I've told you once I'll tell you twice I'll take you all down with me! RUN! No more, I won't bow, to your wrath it has only taken everyone I've ever loved. You are, hideous, I know I'm running but in my mind I am fighting you off. Well, I don't wish to be here anymore than you do but, I have to; because, I am the end... Without me you will have nothing, you will have no story! RUN!
Petunia 05:43
Petunia, what have you done to this town? All the people are gone, and I'm feeling lonely and down... And don't you tell me that I'm O.K. Because, you know I'm feeling fine with your hand and... Hoof? Inside mine. And when I see you, coming from around the barn I feel a little bit insecure of what you will do to me... I don't Know! She's talking just a little bit crazy. Petunia, you were always different wait a minute- is that blood dripping from your jaw? Well I knew that this was crazy, she was crazy and I... I think I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry? But, I know I did the right thing.
We were moving very quickly, we were closing in already We were taking up our aim and we had the cannons loaded. Prepare to be blown to smithereens... What's that - in the ocean? My God! A monster! It's at least a league in length with Red eyes and jet-black teeth! Splitting mortars and tearing sails it will drag us all under the sea. Was it fate that I did not drown? No, it was the irony... That I was swallowed by a monster of the deep and dark blue... Patience as I pine my fate... I don't think you understand. I don't think you comprehend. What it was like in the belly of the beast that demanded that my life should end. You couldn't understand the fear. You couldn't comprehend the need. As I hacked and slashed from the belly through the throat out its mouth finished with my gruesome deed. Ahhhhhhhh!!!


This is chapter one in a 3-chapter story. The physical cd comes with lyrics & the journal entries of the exhausted soul.

We will be releasing two more EP's back-to-back all following the same main character.


released April 25, 2010


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Bear Crossing Chesapeake

Jason Eure - Lead Vocals, Guitar- Favorite Color: Flannel

Robbie Robb - Drums- Favorite thing to wear on Stage: Sweat and Hair

Mason Waldrup - Bass, Vocals- Favorite words: Duck Butter, Official, Shredding Beef
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